CINFU Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is a great opportunity to make profit! Recommend our services to others and earn real money.

How does it work?

  1. Create account with us here:
  2. Login to your account and go to Affiliate page: and activate Affiliate program for your user.
  3. On affiliate page you will find your unique affiliate link (URL). To recommend new customers to us you have to use your unique link. On panel affiliate page you will find our banners and other important affiliate information.
    Attention! It is very important to use correct affiliate link with your unique user code in it! Our system will recognize, that customer is sent by you and assigns that customer to you as affiliated only if you use correct affiliate link! Correct affiliate link you will find on our control panel: - Personal Affiliate page.
  4. Put one of our advertisements on your web site ar forum with your unique affiliate link.
  5. When your site visitor clicks on your affiliate link he will be transfered to our site and your affiliate cookie will be placed in his browser. If he signs up to our services you will receive commission as long as he lasts our customer.

If visitor clicks on your link and not immediately registers with our website, then it will be able to register within 90 days after affiliate link clicking day, and still he will be assigned to you as affiliated customer and you will receive your commission.

If visitor clicks on your link but not registers on our website for longer than 90 days, then affiliate cookie in his browser will expire and he will no longer be your affiliated visitor.

Current CINFU Affiliate commissions:

  • All shared hosting plans and VPS Servers - 20% commission.
  • Dedicated Servers - 5% commission.
  • SSL Digital Certificates - 7% commission.

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions:

  1. Minimal affiliate payout - 30EUR
  2. To prevent fraud you can withdraw your commission after 60 days from the day of product/service activation if product/service still active.
  3. Accumulated affiliate commission must be withdrawn within 1 year counted from the day of adding to the balance. If commission is not withdrawn from the balance within 1 year, then this past due commission is voided and removed from the commission balance.
  4. If customer refunds back his payment or in case of fraud, associated commission will be deducted from your balance.
  5. Currently we can payout your commissions to Payeer,, Bitcoin or Litecoin. So, you have to create account in one of these payment systems.
  6. Payout trasfering fees charged by the chosen payment system is deducted from the payout amount.
  7. All commission accounting is in EUR. Payouts is in EUR or in USD according to the date of payment rates.
  8. We do not tolerate SPAM! It is strictly prohibited to distribute the affiliate link via unsolicited e-mails and to use other methods of SPAM!